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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to 2010

Last nights session was the perfect start to 2010, well, perfect if I wanted to highlight the positives and negatives in my game at least.

On the plus side, I played in 5 tournaments and ran pretty well. Got quite deep in all of them, won a seat in both satellites (including to the $125k guarantee on Cake tomorrow) but busted out of the rest shortly before the money in hands that I'm okay with (sometimes you have to survive a few flips and 50-50's are going to go the other guys way as often as not). Down $53 for the session though, unless you count the $162 seat as winnings.

On the negative side, the cash tables were brutal, those times when I got the money in ahead I was outdrawn and when I was behind I watched in vain for my turn to catch a break. It also perfectly highlighted the weakness in my NL cash play, I basically give the implied odds to call for their crazy draws because I end up paying off when they hit their miracle draw. Playing across 4 tables at .25$/.5$ this lead to a loss of $228 for the session.

So it's a good point to evaluate things, over the last 6 months I've shifted from limit to no-limit as the limit tables I was playing simply disappeared in what appeared to be a headlong rush to NL. A few positive months and a few negative months (but more lost than won overall) means that the bankroll has taken a hit as I've tried to pick up the new game. I thought that a decent tournament game married with a mixed aggressive/trappy limit game would translate well onto the NL cash tables and I think it still will if I can just cut out those big hands that I lose.

So the plan is to cut back to playing on the sites where I seem to be doing better (I'm up on a couple of sites) and reduce my exposure while I'm still finding my feet. You get used to a certain level of activity playing 6 tables of limit and a tourny or two, cutting that back to a couple of tables is going to test my discipline.

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