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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I've noticed a trend in my recent sessions where I lose several buyins early on and the result of the session eventually comes down to two things, how soon do I get my head in the game and start winning more than I lose and how long the session lasts after that point.

This does raise an important point about how I'm playing, I'm drifting into games while I'm still browsing the net, checking out ebay or whatever. Eventually the distractions dry up and I start to give the game my full attention and the results start to turn. There's a really obvious conclusion to draw from this...don't start playing until you're ready to play. Instead of missing out on profitable playing time you're probably saving yourself a considerable amount when you add up all the sessions.

This is only a thing I've noticed since playing NL, with limit the decisions were so much more mathmatical and less player based I found autopilot would suffice more often than not.

Luckily I've a handy tool to get me ready to play, I can't open a table until I've updated this blog!

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